no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,


It's pretty funny that my pals derekfz and waxpumpkin each posted almost simultaneously bemoaning what LJ/ social media have become. Then again maybe not so odd as they are palz. As for me, LJ is fast becoming a place where I (a) talk to about 3-4 people occasionally and (b) aggregate blog feeds from other sites and (c) occasionally write a post myself, more or less for my own pleasure or ventaciousness, as I realize almost no one is around here to read it, which is fine by me.

Since this permanent account still seems to aggregate feeds OK and it would be a big hassle to start all over again in a new place, I am probably going to be deleting even more people's blogs off my LJ so it will mostly be a site for reading feeds and keeping up with the 3-4 people who do read, comment and/or respond to comments I make. This is not a matter of dislike, just a matter of pruning and making some room for new feeds.
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