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This Is Rock Now.

One of the cool things about being a Robert Pollard fan is that the guy has written so, so many songs that you can't possibly love them all equally at the same time or even keep track of them, so you're constantly re-discovering songs that maybe you heard a few times before, that drifted past your consciousness like the guy at the next desk in school who for a year looked pleasant but not such a much, and then all of a sudden you Noticed him and "Good heavens, Ms. Yamamoto, you're beautiful" sort of moment, et cetera. What I mean is, all of a sudden I will get attached to a particular Bobsong for days, weeks, months, because it suits me and my current mood so wonderfully well. I remember a holiday weekend 11 years ago where I did nothing for three days but sit in a chair playing "Game of Pricks" over and over and over, like having a craving for chocolate chip cookie dough where that's all you eat for three days and then go back to just wanting it once in a while. And of course, "I'm Cold," the one I posted last winter, is now indelibly etched on my soul as belonging to a time when it was dark and snowy and cold and I missed Ohio and felt trapped by a hateful job.

anyway, this one is my latest suits who I am and how I feel right now, very very well, whether you understand "heavy metal" as the musical genre or as the video interprets it, as planes, weaponry, armor.

Come with high regard from heavy metal country
They write you super-love and seal it with a kick

And now, the creator's skull is cracked,
Out come the underground with artificial lungs
They're singing loud, so very proud
To show the mess they made
At Zoo Arcade
When something central took away their guns.
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