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A little off the back and sides...

While I happen to be on a working computer for a change, I just performed some minor surgery on the ol' LJ F-list, in addition to a few cuts I made last time I was thinking about it.

The vast majority of the journals I deleted hadn't been updated in months or even years, or there was some other reason to believe the person isn't going to be using LJ any more (like they told me they were moving to Spacebook or somewhere else). There were also a very few people who had just gone in some different life direction than me and it felt like a good time to say so long, it's been good to know you and I wish you the best.

If I made any mistakes and deleted someone who shouldn't be, then please feel free to send me a text message using the box on my profile page, or you can try e-mailing me at (or you can use another e-mail of mine if you have it) or look me up on Spacebook or Myspace...really the possibilties are endless <3
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