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Sometimes the Good Guys win, sometimes.

Still Having a Hella Hellish Week @Work, but focusing right now on something cool that I thought some of you (*coughcoughidioticpoet, derekfz, I'mma lookin' at you*) might also enjoy. Jay Brown aka jfotoman, the well-known (in certain circles, anyway) photographer of Columbus/ Cleveland/ Pittsburgh/ Detroit indiepunk rock shows - including GBV, DOS, NBT, and the rest of the dictionary - got inspired to make a proper online photo website and a traveling gallery show. To raise the needed monies to git 'er done, he set up a Kickstarter fund drive page, which takes pledges from folks but doesn't actually process payments unless the project meets its goal by a set due date. As of yesterday, he was still a few hundred bucks away from the magic number, with just a couple days to go. Although I've bought a lot of Jay's prints over the years, I was totally unaware about this since it looks like he mostly publicized it on F***book, which I still avoid 'cept for checking the Pollard page and a few other public pages. Tim Bugbee, who took the GBV photo I posted a couple (locked) posts back, ran across this guy's project somehow and x-posted it to Disarm the Settlers, causing me to go, "HEY! I Know that dude!" and chuck a bunch of bones his way. I'm proud to say that several of my fellow Settlers also stepped up to the plate and now Jay is MORE than 100% funded!

Since he already has work in one show of rock photography in Akron this month (and for my money is the only photog in that show I'd bother checking out - I'm SO tired of hearing about Janet Macoska, and sorry Anastasia Pantyhose but those 16,325 music columns you wrote backintheday where you managed to work Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes into every one still make me chuckle as much now as they made me and Thee Ex chuckle at the tyme) I have no doubt Jay will make good on his threat and do a bang-up archive and gallery show. Plus he's always been friendly and nice when I've bought his work in the past, as opposed to a few artists I've supported who then proceeded to ignore me or treat me like gum they just scraped off their shoe, the nadir being the one who sent me a nastygram for buying his record off CDBaby. I am sooo happy me and my friends could help make this happen for Jay. ♥

And not to ruin a happy vibe with too much snark, but what's with those Cleveland people hitting the "like" button all over his Spaceboob posts who I don't even see in the backer list for a dollar? I know these are tough economic times and that we all have to pick and choose our causes. There's no shortage of cancer funds, funeral pass-the-hats and cover-my-or-my-cat's-emergency-medical-bill collections going around, in addition to a bazillion talented independent artists needing fiscal support. But I also know that many of Those Cleveland People don't have families to support or anything, and are blowing a portion of their hard-earned bux on cigs and lattes, and are the first ones to complain if folks don't pony up the cash for THEIR work. If they really liked someone's stuff, surely they could go without a cup of coffee for one morning and throw down a dollar, or skip that extra beer at the bar and throw down three. I firmly believe the "Like" button should be attached to a payment account so it would charge you 50 cents to "Like" each thing. We'd see a lot less bullshit that way.
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