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Angels Speak of Nothing.

Work sucked this week. Something blew up for reasons beyond our control, making for a lot of extra work and worry. It happens, but still not fun when you think you've got everything squared away and it happens to you. I'm going to leave it at that because I think posting online about specific cases or clients is unethical, dangerous and rude, although I can sort of understand why I've seen other lawyers bitch about same in their posts many times, because it's just incredibly frustrating and arrghh-worthy.

I just confirmed that a prof from my old skool did indeed drop dead of a sudden heart attack at a fairly young age. Unfortunately my sole memory of him is disagreeing with him vigorously over the issue of eminent domain at the time of the Kelo v. City of New London case. I was obviously VERY OPPOSED to eminent domain there because Lakewood, the home of my little bitty house that I love even though it's little bitty (there were only three of us living in it - how the hell big of a facking house did we need?!) almost ended up in the middle of a similar case. Thank God we managed to get rid of that creepy idiot Madeline Cain just in the nick of time before people starting losing their own perfectly good homes right and left. I remember I didn't understand the point Professor was trying to make in favor of the Supreme Court's stupid, bad, unfair decision at the time, and now I can't even remember what it was, just that I was upset about it. I'm not happy the man passed away, I'm sure he was a nice guy, but there is still some little voice in my head thinking "karma, baby, karma." Lesley says karma's not necessarily bad or good tit-for-tat, it's just karma, just energy/ destiny, it's gonna be out there regardless, which makes me feel like less of a horrible person. Thank you Les for always seeing the good in me.

Meanwhile, someone else I used to know casually long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away is having an absolutely hellish battle with stage 4 cancer, despite being my own age. After reading a few of his gutwrenching blog entries, I decided I should get my ownself back to the doctor stet. I've been putting off going because not only do doctors and medical thangs scare me (and I feel like too many people go running to the doc for every little stupid thing like it's a big deal), but the logistics of dealing with this particular doctor have not been good the last few years and often result in me having to miss tons of work and screw my whole schedule around to make room for 3-4 doctor visits when they could really fit it all into one or two if they really cared to bother. So I called the lab and the doc and before you know it the doc's staff was refusing to fax an order to the lab on the grounds that I'd have to come in for another physical first - WHY, when I know the doc is simply going to issue yet another one of the exact same facking order? All it's going to do is rack up another fee for the doc and make me miss more time at work. I got into an argument with them, decided I didn't need this sort of crap in my life anymore, found a new doctor closer to my office and made an appointment. Go me.

I hope I haven't caught cancer during the two years I avoided health care because every time I had to deal with my previous facking doctor and especially her staff, I ended up frustrated, anxious and in tears. But if I have, I guess it's just karma back on Me, eh?

I'm not beating myself up anymore for the fact that other people suck at human relations. I'm tired of always thinking I'm to blame because I'm all Logical and Mature and should Understand and make Allowances for people who are mentally boofooed or had a bad upbringing or whatever. Adulthood works Both ways, bitches.

Also, if you called yourself a "GBV fan" but you don't dig at least some of Bob's post-GBV stuff, like "The Jeep," then you suck and I don't want you around my life.

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