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King Chick and the Golden Boys.

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, much less gone out anywhere. I loved trick or treat as a kid, but then I got too old and too worried about the calories from the candy. I used to enjoy the Georgetown crazy-costume bar-hopping street parade - it was like drunken fall Mardi Gras - but the locals did away with it literally decades ago. Often I never had much of anyplace to go, since my peers and compatriots usually seem more likely to be driving their kids to Halloween parties rather than throwing their own, and also during all my years in school I usually had some stupid midterm assignment due right around the holiday, and was too tired for dress-up. So, Halloween became Another One of Those Holidays where I perhaps have a few drinks and just wait for it to be over.

But this year, Bob & Tobin & Mitch & Greg & Kevin happened to be playing a sold-out Halloween show in (of all places) a college gym at Oberlin, and once I sussed out that Oberlin was only 25 miles from Flakewood (sorry for not knowing, but I'm a city rat and I really don't venture out in the cow-country wilds past Cuyahoga County all that much), I decided it was time to make up for a few Halloweens. So I went to the show as the rooster with 6-pack rings from "Don't Stop Now". The KFC bucket was in honor of Mr. Demos, Esq., who I understand has a big yen for fried chicken, especially when it comes from a bucket - he says it tastes better that way :)

Woke up one morning, saw a drunken rooster struttin' through my yard, Six pack rings 'round his neck, cock o' the block, singin' don't stop now, Don't stop now...

Friar O'Malley and Fryer ME!

I had fun, and fortunately my pals at the show and the ones who saw the pics after thought this was funny instead of hella stupid. Bob and Mitch seemed to get a kick out of having a chicken in the front row and joked about it onstage a couple times. Greg pointed at the bucket leaving the stage and mouthed "I LIKE THAT BUCKET!" which made up for me having to eat the chicken that came in it over 4 days (so it wouldn't go to waste, 12 bucks is 12 bucks!) and hence not wanting to see another piece of KFC, even extra-crispy KFC, for the foreseeable future.

I would never have tried this at a GBV show in a reg'lar rock club, where the propensity for drunk violence is much higher (Exhibit A: Atlanta show) and the ventilation is much poorer, but given that this was a college gym with lots of cops, high breezy ceilings and a door to the outside fall weather (oh, and a hospital directly across the driveway if I needed that), I figured I'd take a chance. I was only attacked by one small very drunk lady who yelled, "Hey Chicken! I'm gonna wreck yer bucket, bitch!," grabbed me by the bucket, then started laughing and eventually peeled off me and stumbled back to her drinking and pogoing. Me and my bucket survived to fight another day, although not at any more shows on this tour. A sold-out T5 is no place to play chicken!
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