no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Hotlanta Freaks.

Saw GBV and Sweet Apple in Atlanta yesterday, and came back today. As Bob says, "we've got airplanes." Despite some logistical annoyances, including having to change planes on the flight down, my hotel not being as centrally located as I'd have liked, the neighborhood where the show was (Buckhead) not being that interesting at least not without a car, the crowd at the show being crazier than normal (I was in the front row but by sheer dumb luck of placement managed to avoid the worst of the moshing, punching, crowd-surfing and stage-diving), the taxi dude ripping me off for a ride back to the hotel after I couldn't locate anyone who was driving, and some loud rude conversational jerkwads sitting behind me while I was trying to rest on the flight home, I am still very glad I went.

It's nice to see John Petkovic and Uncle Bob getting along (shoot, it's practically a love feast up there at this point). Also nice to see beautiful people like JR and the Glove and Homer and Julie and Wolfie and about 10 other people whose names I forget or am too tired to type out. Just like it was nice to see a whole bunch of the same or other beautiful people Thursday night in DC. It restores my faith in humanity. So, even though I have a ship ton of un-done chores and am tired as hell, there is no place else I would have wanted to be last night other than right where I was.
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