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Wack week. I wanted to go to the Hi Court again to see Skinner v. Switzer, the DNA case featuring the Texas death row dude who claims he's innocent due to being passed out on the couch while somebody else killed the whole fam damily, and was 45 minutes away from execution when the Court agreed to hear his appeal. I normally wouldn't want to spend hours fighting the crowds at the Court two weeks in a row, as I was just there for Snyder v. Phelps, but hey, Potentially Innocent Dude 45 Minutes Away From Death in Texas - it's like a TV Movie of the Week. Unfortunately I stayed up too late the night before watching the Chilean miners getting pulled out, and overslept the morning of the argument, and only made it down there an hour before showtime. I figured there would be a huge line and I would be lucky to get a seat in the overflow room. When I arrived the bar line was really short (though the general admission line was, as usual, massive) and I figured they'd already taken everybody upstairs who was getting in. But surprise surprise, after two weeks everybody must have been all argued out, or else they figured Mr. Skinner didn't stand a chance after Osborne (the case a couple years ago where the S Ct held there was no constitutional right to a DNA test), or else they just didn't give a turkey, cuz no one had been taken upstairs yet. After confirming this with the First Guy in Line who happened to be the same guy who had been First in Line for Snyder the previous week when I had been three people back from him, we were informed that there were plenty of seats for everyone, so I spent the next hour kickin' it with the nice GC in front of me and then ended up with a better seat than I had the week before when I was 5 hours early.

Based on the argument, it looks to me like Mr. Skinner does have a chance, which made me cautiously happy.

Ran into Old College Roomie From Out of Town who was in the general line by the lockers. She recognized me right away and hollered (hollering in the marble halls is kinda verboten, but I reckon she doesn't go there enough to know). It turned out her company was involved in the second case which I found out later had to do with some guy who got fired for verbally complaining that the location of the plant's timeclocks was unfair and illegal, since workers had to put on their cleansuits and take them off while off the clock and it took up to an hour to get in and out of the suit each day. Since I want to post this public, I will refrain from further comment except to reiterate that my daddy worked for a labor union.

That evening I decided I wanted to get in on the partay at the Chilean Embassy, because I'd heard they had a big-screen TV outside and lots of Chileans down there clapping for the miners as each one popped out, which seemed more fun than just watching it by myself. Aside from its being very cool to see the guys being gotten out OK and reunited with their wives and kids and moms and whut not (not to mention the high drama of the miner who had a wife AND a mistress, who the wife found out about after the mistress showed up at the camp to stake her claim - oh, the humanity), the engineer in me was fascinated by watching the mechanics of that capsule elevator cranking up and down. When I got to Chile around 6:30 pm there was nothing going on except a tent over an empty lot and a few people standing around looking at the big telly, so I figured they'd finished all the partying the night before. But then the embassy staff, all snazzy in smart suits and mustaches and tight dresses, started bringing out folding chairs, and then a table with a display and a memorial book to write good wishes to the miners, and a podium with the Chilean flag for the ambassador to make a speech, and trays of most excellent Chilean red wine and pastries and cheese and crackers and pate and fruit and Cokes and it turned into a big party after all. By the time they hauled the last guy out, about 100 people were there drinking red wine and yelling CHI CHI CHI - LE LE LE - VIVA CHILE! and generally feeling really good about the whole thing. I got interviewed by the local TV news (it's on the web but I'm shy and don't wanna post the link ;) and cheered for the ambassador's speech and then when they cranked up the mariachi-sounding folk music and prepared to party into the night, I meandered back to the office to deal with a couple hectic filings.

Spent the next night watching a lot of real-time historic breaking-news footage on Youtube, including all 10 parts of Walter Cronkite/ CBS reporting on the JFK assassination (starting with the episode of "As the World Turns" that was airing at the time). Man, Bob Trout may have been the King Daddy of Radio News Announcers, but on TV he came off like some kind of cross between William Powell in The Thin Man and Gomez Addams - creepy. I then watched a bunch of 9/11 Twin Towers live reports, most of which I had never gotten around to looking at and of course didn't see in real time since I was on my way to and then trying to "escape from" DC while alla that was going on. Quite a contrast between some of the deadpan news reporters and the obviously hysterical folks calling in live from the scene. I know the news folks are trained not to get overemotional, and they prolly couldn't believe their eyes and perhaps were stunned, but it made me appreciate the artistry of Uncle Walter knowing right when to stop and shed a tear. I also watched part of a History Channel documentary on Rick Rescorla, "The Man Who Predicted 9/11", who was head of security at Morgan Stanley and basically realized the building was a big target (something that I always thought too after the first bombing incident occurred in the garage) and worked hard to prepare the building tenants, and particularly his own company's employees, to be ready to evacuate. Because of his efforts, a lot of people were saved, and sadly he died in the attempt to save more. Awesome dude.

I wonder why I see the world differently from most everybody else. Or does it just seem that way?

Finally got myself up to NYC where I will be seeing MMJ before I head back to DC to see GBV (and LBJ took the IRT, hee hee hee). Thanks to aforementioned Hectic Filings plus me not being able to find Krewshul Paperwork, I didn't arrive till veddy veddy late, and as a consequence have done nothing today except eet breakfast and take a bath. Who needs a spa with strangers putting their hands on you and saunas that make ya pass out. I just need a nice big clean deep tub (WITHOUT jacuzzis, please) and some bath crap and to be left alone, and I'm good.
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