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Angel City.

This morning while I was waiting for the Amtrak and being a nervous rex abt work (cuz it was my day to do that), a great big oversized Monarch butterfly came sailing over the tracks and flew right at me. And then fluttered away and then came back and dive-bombed me again. I took it as a good omen. There were lots of other people waiting on the platform, but the butterfly chose to aim at me specifically. Twice.

Monarchs are cool. I read where we should all plant a patch of milkweed cuz they eat that, and they need food and better places to hang out during their annual migrations. I wouldn't mind planting milkweed. I loved it as a kid but so little grew around where I could see it, so I didn't even know what "milkweed" was till I was maybe 7 and my mom showed me a milkweed plant in the field next to Dairy Isle (said field now being under the parking lot for the Beer Engine but anyway). She showed me how when you peeled the pod partway it looked like a banana, and when it was all peeled it looked like whitefish. And when she was little, kids would gather a bunch of pods and play grocery store using the pods as bananas or as fish, for groceries to sell. And of course eventually if you don't pick the pods they burst open and send those little puffs flying about, which I was always taught were fairies, carrying our messages to the Queen.
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