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It's 10 /10 /10 !

I had an amazingly awesome dream last night. I was playing hooky from work (I always seem to be doing that in my dreams lately) and was in Ireland, walking down a dirt path around a huge sunny field with some little thatchy cottages in the distance. The field was probably the size of a football field or even bigger and it was FILLED with those big purple shamrocks, but although the sun was shining and the sky was blue, it had rained the night before and the field was all full of water to the point where it had flooded the field and maybe some of the surrounding roads and homes. So it was more like a ginormous lake of shamrocks - they were actually floating on or near the surface of the water like lily pads, and there were other weedy and cattailly and bushy groves here and there.

I don't think I would ever see that many purple shamrocks at once in the wild in real life, and I doubt very much they'd grow in the water, so it was a neat thing to see.

I went looking for a picture that looked like my dream to make a usericon, but none of the Google results for "purple shamrocks" and "cottages" caught the drift, so instead here's an icon of John and Yoko, because it's got a wonderful peaceful British tree in it, and because John's my favorite Beatle, and he would have been 70 yesterday.
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