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Reasons To Be Cheerful! One-Two-Three!

Some Settler posted this week about having his credit card number stolen and the thief using it to run up a thousand-dollar bill at . Curious, I went to checkitout and absolutely FELL IN LOVE with some of the stuff on that website, which, not being a Hoppie (as opposed to a Hippie?) I'd never have discovered on my own. I mean, who could resist the Pillsbury Doughboy getting a payday?

Or the Kool-Aid Man! Bringin' you FUN!

They also have a most impressive selection of in-your-face Jesusabilia, which I lurve despite Ted objecting to it as "so tacky". Helloooo, "Icy Gold Tone Ice Studded Jesus." There are even blingier ones on the site but I'll leave it at the one for the benefit of those of you who (a) don't dig the JC or (b) were raised Presbyterian like Ted.

I have a feeling I will be dropping some serious $$ on that site soon, though I managed to talk myself out of the $1499 electric blue real-bunny-fur coat because, aside from not wanting to spend that much, I would feel too bad for the bunnies. I just hope my credit card company doesn't flag the charge like they did a couple years ago when I ordered a bunch of jewelry and a Charlie Manson chain wallet off some punk site and the guy had to phone me up to make sure that was really my order.
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