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Just like the Crow's feet Chasing the Butterfly...

So I just saw the "Shinedown" video for "The Crow & The Butterfly" (Yes, I'd much rather listen to Shinedown and Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days' Grace than, say, Joe Bonamassa or some such crud) and I am really glad the band explained on its Wiki page that it's about a mom whose child died, because otherwise I'd of thought it was a breakup video about cougars. Shudderatious!

(Although I'm still a bit baffled by the line "cuz when you and I were gettin' high as outer space/ I never thought you would slip away/ I guess I was just a little too late..." Wait, whuuut? Mom got high with her kid? Wot did he OD and she didn't call the amberlamps in time? Best not to overthink this, eh?)
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