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Aside from the awesometastic Todd show, and the pretty dern cool Sleep show, the rest of this week has been annoying. Not bigtime gas-main-blew-up-the-house, employee-shot-up-the-cookie-plant, call-the-amber-lamps, fell-off-the-diet-and-gained-5-pounds capital-A Annoying. Just smalltime car-died-in-the-intersection-by-the-package-store, not-enough-work-to-do, feeling-ill annoying with a little "a". And putting the sour cherry on top was this evening's Fashion Week event at the hair salon downstairs from my office, which involved a fake red carpet runway, pretend "paparazzi" with giant flash cameras, about five models dressed like Lady Gaga, breakdancers, a boombox on 11 blaring disco music right below my office, and an Austin Powers impersonator wandering around with a Mini parked at the curb.

This salon, btw, is the same one that did Michaele Salahi's hair for her White House party-crash. I think they've been doing the same sleek dyed rich-bitch hairdo on everyone who walks in there for years, including on me when I tried them out once because they were so close to the office. They do a good job and my hair was lovely and shiny and made me look exactly like I had nothing to do but sit around Potomac all day waiting to have my hair blown out again and my nails done and my tea and cocktails brought in on a tray, which is to say said hairdo had absolutely nothing to do with me or my life or my real hair which is naturally curly and which I have never been able to get that straight with my own blower despite literally decades of practice back in the days when I had the time and inclination to try to make my hair do things it clearly wasn't designed to do.

Anyway, because I am noise-sensitive and have no life (or at least not on the weekends when everybody else and his mother are having theirs), I usually like to hang around the office on Fridays until past 5 when all the staff who have been chattering it up for the last two hours, gung-ho for their weekend, have finally cleared out and I get a little P-E-A-C-E. Needless to say I did not get any tonight, and I had to give up all pretense of getting work done after a half hour of Frankie Goin' to Hollywood Under My Window. I ended up prioritizing my Amazon Wish List instead so I could figure out what books to buy when I'm allowed to treat myself to some new books again.

Right now I have dozens of books around the house I bought over the past 10 years but didn't finish reading or didn't even get around to starting, so I'm making myself finish two or three of those dead soldiers before I let myself bring any more home. (And no, I don't use no flippin' Kindle. Don't get me started.) I write Amazon Reviews to keep track of what I've already read, and I was kind of bummed to determine, by counting up my reviews, that I only read 16 or 17 books in the past year. In my previous life when I had no internet, no money and nothing to do but read, embroider and play music, I could plow through 16 or 17 books in 2-3 months easily. But now that I'm all bizzy as the proverbial bee (or sonofabee), I guess reading 16 books in a year is better than reading 2 or 3 or none or just getting through one chapter each of the 16 books before I couldn't concentrate any more, which is all wot was happening a few years ago. My current Amazon Wishlist "Highest Priority" group contains two books on the Eagles (the band, not the sports team), five books on black/ death metal, two books on 60's groupies, Barbara Tuchman's history book about the world just prior to WWI, bios of Evelyn Nesbit, Roky Erickson and Harvey Milk, and the Death Note box set. Oh, and three children's books I discovered via storybookland. I sure would love to see Amazon post a blurb like "Customers who bought 'Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground' also bought 'Mr. Bear Squash-you-all-flat'." They kinda go together, don't they? Well, don't they?
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