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I'm gonna win this game my friend and forget yoooouuu in the end...

Somebody put this Todd clip up on Postal Blowoff of all places, which I've been peeking at a bit in case there's any extra "tur" news and because I met/ re-met some cool peeps off there at Heedfest. Great tune and Todd with his hair shagged and dyed dark looks way cute, as does his wife who I believe is the smirky blonde in the backing band (she looks like she could be hal_coholic's older sister). I'm a little sorry I didn't see this at the time, but considering it aired on Letterman in 1990, and that I never liked Letterman much and almost never watched for more than the 5 minutes of the opening monologue it took me to flip the channel, and furthermore that 1990 started off on the wrong foot, nay, more like the whole wrong flippin' leg with the last DOS show I ever did see, and ended in the worst way possible with my dad dying New Year's Eve, and in between I was having a lousy time with people @work and this PITA of a "relationship" with some ass @work that finally made me throw up my hands and say fuhgeddaboudit and chuck every mudderfluckin thing, including "relationships", the job, and music in general... yeah, I'm not surprised I wasn't keeping up with Todd's TV appearances in 1990 and that his album "Nearly Human" which featured this song is where I fell off the bus. It's hard to believe that was 20 years ago now, although Todd is now showing his age a bit and so am I when I look in the mirror, but I'm quite happy 1990 has receded into the Very Distant Past in favor of Better Tymez so I can enjoy digging this clip as a nice warmup for his Akron show next week.

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