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More Reasons to Get Off the Internet.

Remember Nicholas Francisco? That young guy from Seattle with too many kids who just disappeared one day and his wife started soliciting donations all over the place? Well, just like I figured, the sheriff found him living in another state, reportedly California, under a different name. Given the circumstances and evidence, this was about as big a surprise to me as finding Falcon hidden in Richard Heene's attic.

I'd wonder if his wife was going to give back all the money she ripped off people who felt sorry for her, but when I thought about it, I bet they'd still feel sorry for her cuz her husband ran out on the kids. Actually after I read about three of her hysterical posts and saw how people were buying into her BS, I kinda understood why he'd run off, although really I think both of the folks involved are not anyone I'd want to talk to or be around.

Edited to add, I just read that the wife is already remarried after she found out Nicholas had been leading a secret life of which she'd been unaware. I wonder if this "secret life" involved other women or other men? I feel bad for the guy's kids but the reality is, this awful experience happens to way too many kids and most of their moms at least have the good sense not to go all bucknutz on the Intarwebz about it.
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