no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Leaving Las Vegas.

Oh what lovely rainy foggy weather it's been here - makes me feel all happy and ready for a new start - anyway...

I've decided I'm not going to be blogging here on a regular basis anymore. I will continue to mod the communities I mod, not that they need much modding. I will continue to read my friends' journals and use the syndicated feed feature to keep up with my LOLcats and Failblog and such like. I'm just not going to be posting myself, or not very much.

In a nutshell, as illustrated by the profile page ruckus, the direction LJ seems to be going in as far as rolling out new features, trying to recruit newer users and not dealing very well with its longtime users, plus the patronizing way the staff regularly communicates ("here's a change, you're gonna like it or lump it, we know what's best, we can't please everybody, blahblah") has put me off and made maintaining a regular journal here into more hassle than I'd like it to be. I already have enough stress in my life so I'm all about the hassle-free. Plus, at this point I don't need all the "social networking" (or data mining) aspects of LJ that the site staff holds so dear as they obviously try, on orders from their bosses, to compete with Myspace and Facebook and who knows what. I used to enjoy meeting new people on here, but the time for that is long since past. What I'm looking for now is a serious blog site where I can express myself. A space that is *mine*, not a space where some boss or some twentysomething "web designer" of dubious skills decides what's best for me. (I'm not senile yet, kids.) And I've decided the best place to get that is either another LJ-type site that's more responsive to its long-term users (I've been looking at InsaneJournal and Inksome) or, perhaps, my own domain, where I can have things exactly as I like and not be worried about "OMG what feature are they going to suddenly mess up next?"

I already know that one day LJ will no longer support S1 style that my journal layout uses, and when that happens I'll have to get a new layout...I don't want to use the cookie-cutter layouts that LJ hands out. MySpace has been a lot more accommodating about letting people change their layouts or get layouts from off-site than this site has been. That already had me thinking about going, and then this profile business...meh. It's kinda like when you have an annoying landlord who starts remodeling, knocking out the kitchen wall with little or no warning, when you're at work. You come home and find your kitchen all in disarray and they insist they told you and they really didn't and your blood pressure is going through the roof and then you have to argue with them about where the new appliances are going to go. And you just figure the living room will be next. Forget it. The smart thing to do in that situation would be to move, so that's what I'm gonna do.

It will probably take me a little time to get set up elsewhere because as much as I enjoy blogging, it does take energy and if I wasn't blogging I could be putting that energy into some other activity, which I'd kinda like to do for a little while. In the time I haven't been blogging on here I've found myself reading old books from my basement, cleaning up a little bit and generally doing stuff I haven't done for a while, and that's cool, it's time for me to rediscover some of the things I used to enjoy when I was very much alone.

I will let people know where I'm going to be blogging when I get there, but I don't expect most people to follow me to wherever it is, comment, or read.

If anyone needs to get hold of me while I'm not on here, a bunch of you have my number, and the rest of you can leave me a comment or hit me up on MySpace which I check maybe like once a week.

Ain't it time we said good bye...
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