no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Update (in which I once again, take things all seeriously).

Due to the shit going down in lj_design, I am weighing my options once again as to whether I want to continue to participate here.

I know it may seem like a small thing but I don't like the way the LJ staff repeatedly treats the users. To me, that is a much bigger deal than how the profile page looks or whether it is configured to hold an advertisement.

Also, the last time an issue like this came up with LJ that upset me, someone else who was on my f-list at the time pooh-poohed it and I ended up having to stop speaking to them because they and their friends decided to bash the issue and, when I complained, bash me (and falsely accuse me of bashing them - I could go on and provide more detail but there isn't any point except to say that I felt and continue to feel pretty wronged by that whole affair. WRONGED ON ELLJAY, WHAT ELSE IS NEW, WANK WANK WANK...more likely just a symptom of how pitifully little I actually had in common with an entire group of people). In light of that incident, I'd like to ask that if you want to differ on this issue or think it's no big deal, then fine, but kindly don't bash those of us who do have a problem with either the profile change or even more, the attitude of LJ.
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