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If anyone is having a problem with the general fug of the new LJ profile "design," (otherwise known as "Last year we wanted to be Myspace, now we wanna be Facebook!") please feel free to stop by lj_design and post your thoughts to the "design team" (ha) as a few thousand people (no exaggeration) have already done. Because users don't tend to look at their or others' profiles every time they log on, or don't check LJ every day, there are still people just noticing this mess and going "Wha'appen?"

You can also join changeitback if you want the profile page changed back or an opt-out given; there are also some helpful links over there to an online petition and a comment or two made by marta, the only LJ staffer who seems to be talking right now. LJ's current position, as stated in lj_design, is basically that the opt-out is too much hassle so no go. If enough people request it, however, perhaps they'll rethink. I know that seems like a long shot, but hey, men walked on the moon, the state of Virginia went blue, and if webmonkeys don't fly outta my butt, perhaps they can at least dislodge their own heads out of theirs.

Edited to add, I've blanked my profile page out as much as possible until this gets resolved - deleted my bio, interests, and just about everything else I could delete. If it doesn't get resolved, I won't be using the fugly page anyway, so no great loss.
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