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A Large Bear.

One of the problems I have with my life sometimes is I don't see Ted enuf, which can be annoying. Then when I do see him I don't want to leave. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to hug or kiss most ppl but when it's someone I love I would really just like to hug on all the time like a koala hugs a tree and hugging is abt 50-100 times more important than any sex that might or might not be going on. Fortunately, this habit of mine doesn't annoy Ted like it has some other ppl. He makes a rather good tree, hassock, sectional, sofa pillow, hot water bottle, and/or overstuffed toy.

Sometimes I imagine we just met rather than being around each other for 24 yrz now and sometimes the idea of having Just Met is fun, but other times it is scary as I can't imagine 24 yrz without Ted being around to at least hug and I probably would have been with some other hahribble person or a Succession of hahrrible peepul. (Since I'm not terribly "exclusive" or whatever word you want to use - "Faithful" is not what I'd use given that I don't know how anyone can call a 24-year commitment to anything a lack of faith - I did pretty good at meeting some hahribble peepuls even with Ted around.) Maybe this is why some of the ppl I know who dint meet their partners till their late 30s or 40s seem so crazy nucking futs. They just lost their minds from waiting so long. Now they're too painfully aware of the lack of time, as am I, but I do have that 24 yrz even though I am happier with things now as an old bizzatch, bcuz Ted was always a prematurely old guy and it was the sort of weelayshunshit you grow into, not the sort that's a big coup de foudre from the start. I'm sure the ppl who take a long time finding some1 have another take on it like Personal Growth Getting to the Right Spot in the Journey blahblah but I am a very impatient person and would rather everyone be matched up perfectly with everyone they're gonna be with from the get go or as early as possible and go from there. The way I see it if something is lacking you can always add an extra person on later :)

Anyway I have to get up, no thanks to election day and the lack of early voting for bunging up the early part of this week. I still have my cold, this morning it's an earache. By Wednesday after 2 wks of being sick I might even have time to take a sick day.
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