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Last night I went out to see Jucifer at a club in B'more I hadn't been to yet. I'd been warned by ppl like The Rev who have seen them that they are the loudest band going, so I made the uncharacteristic move (for me) of taking a set of industrial E.A.R. plugs. I was also told they are like the Majik Markers which I was seriously hoping would Not be the case, because I saw Majik Markers open for Dino Jr. once and they're firmly on my list alongside Dead Meadow as among the worst bands I've ever had to sit thru a set of. Someone also described Jucifer as Sonic Youth if Sonic Youth couldn't play their instruments, which might be pretty on target if I could remember anything about the one Sonic Yoof show I ever saw back in 1986 or so. Alls I remember is that it was loud, I fell asleep during it and I saw kim changing in the dressing room and noticed she didn't shave her legs. As it turned out I nearly dozed off during Jucifer also despite having a nap beforehand cuz I am still fighting off the New York virus which has now spread to my eyes and every time I doze off it's like Gremlins from the Kremlin show up and glue my eyelids shut with runny rubber cement.

Anyway, Jucifer's show mostly consisted of a very cute girl in what looked like a nightgown playing about five low-end notes in front of a amp stack for an hour and jerking back and forth the whole time like she was orgasming, which given where low end vibes ya might well have been true, while her bandmate, some d0od in a coonskin cap, very theatrically and making orgasmic faces hisself beat on large clear plastic drums. Most of it didn't seem that loud to me, perhaps because I had the earplugz in or maybe because it was all low end which usually doesn't hurt my ears as bad as high voices/ high notes or awful midrange compression. The loudest most painful show I ever saw is still the Mudhoney reunion gig at the Olde Grog a few years back and that was all higher end wanky gtrs. Perhaps my ears, like my female parts, are wired up differently from most ppl. I wouldn't be surprised. At the end of the set Jucifer did sort of overamp like a jet engine taking off and at that point I was glad of the ear protection as I've probably killed enough nerve cells at the last six shows where I didn't wear any.

For some reason (Saturday nite parties, p'raps) there were ppl wandering around in Halloween costumes like a wizard and the Joker from Batman, even though Halloween was over. There was also one of those overenthusiastic plaid-shirted short-nerdy-haired kinda-dronk indie-rock fanboys there with his preppie-looking gf who appeared to be not into the band or maybe not into bandz in general, just humoring dude. To me these ppl's demeanor seemed like a different sort of Halloween costume, entitled "My Boyfriend and his Slightly Annoying Record Collecting Hobby That I'm Hoping He'll Grow Out Of." After Nerdboy drunkenly stumbled attempting to headbang (you can't headbang properly with that sort of boring short haircut, I'm sorry) into my vision line about 7 times, I had to move as he was upsetting my stomach. I have a problem with ppl who can't stand still at shows and by that I don't mean they can't dance or headbang or fistpump or do normal moving around and chatting/ interacting with friends, but if you need to be walking or running all over the club space like a Mexican jumping bean constantly, or moving repeatedly in and out of my vision space, it's gonna bug me just like those people who pace fifty yards back and forth up and down train platforms while waiting. I get vertigo watching that, no lie.

I wasn't wildly impressed by the music but the band's enthusiasm was touching and they were certainly hundreds of times better than the horrid Majik Markers (the lack of stage patter, for one thing, was a distinct plus) so I bought some merch, including a poster of a busted meter. Amber the Jucifer chick was selling the merch and I asked her to sign the poster "at the bottom", I meant like, in the margin, but she signed it right on the art, but that's ok because her sig is this loopy scrawlin abstract and actually just looks like the meter glass fractured in yet another spot.

* * *

I don't think I have anything of a social or show nature on my agenda for the rest of the month, which sounds eggzcellent to me. I spent like the first three months of this year going to no shows at all because of the patent bar + work and then suddenly the show thang went into overdrive and didn't let up. Hopefully now that the weather is starting to suck, things will taper off. When I'm frustrated it's hard not to just throw up my hands and go sit around listening to a loud band play where I don't have to talk to anybody, and don't even have to drink (management has been pushing the pop lately as putting comtrex in my stomach is hard on it enuf without adding booze to the mix). My mom used to do the same thing except she'd go eat at diner-type restaurants (like the Woolworths counter) or shop at stupid cheap craft or discount stores, which frankly I too find amusing because the stuff in them is so dorky but it's easy to overdo and bring home too much. I gotta start staying home and working on projects a little more. I've started reading again and other stuff is winding down (the dolls for instance - I have a very long rant abt doll people but I've been sitting on it because eh uh ok so they're not like me and don't have My life or values, and in some cases don't seem to have Any life outside dolldom or fan/con/dom, what else is new? I'm sure they find my steeze equally weird, so fine, fuck it, forget it).

I see this all as me getting to a new place in my life and it's not one I totally want to goto but it's necessary. I don't need or want to discuss it or chew over it with other ppl esp fucking nosy females but everybody who haz a need to know prolly already understands whatever they have to without me needing to 'splain.

Also, for the first time in about the last six elections, I truly do not care who wins. Either one is fine with me. YMMV, but for me, that's a beautiful thing.
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