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"The Electrifying Confusion Tour."

TC's line, not mine - although I can't say that I didn't call it that in my head enuf. I'm sure a lot of ppl did.

Anyway - I have not been posting because the bullet I've been dodging for a month finally caught me and sicced on me a radd little virus that has been making me cough all night and have chest pain and generally feel like some kind of modernized cyber-Dickensian-lunger. (At least this fully explains why I couldn't get my breath in the pit Thursday nite. And here I thought it was old age.) Getting myself and my overstuffed, unwieldy luggage full of too many band hoodies and too much unfinished work packed, over to Penn Station, back on the train gang and back to work Monday was, um, interesting.

I am starting to feel better now but still in some physical pain, as well as lonely and realizing I need to stop running away from some of life's burdens. I don't need a personal trainer, for instance - I just need to get a grip (when I get well) and fix my shit. I have more to say and yet I don't. Too much boring stuff gets posted on here already without me adding to the pile. But thank you to those who have been reading and commenting. I have been noticing even though I maybe ain't answering the bell so much right now.
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