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As I was just telling sheppardzo_14 I went to that local production of "Macbeth" this evening where they act out the play in the dark, in the stony ruins of an old haunted "female institute." Said ruins having been tidied up by the county so the actors and audience won't be brained by falling bricks. It reminded me a lot of all the Shakespeare plays I saw at Oxford where they were always swordfighting on some college lawn or in one case, doing "The Tempest" on an actual island in the middle of the river with actors swinging in on vines like Tarzan. Every college at Oxford seems to put on Shakespeare plays and chamber music concerts in the summer, you can literally go to one almost every night and certainly every weekend night and I tried to go to them all. My college, or the one next door that shared a lawn, put on "As You Like It" done up World War I style and the actors playing the doughboys would get in character marching up and down directly under my dormitory window. The college up the road from our house here also used to do Shakespeare-on-the-lawn and prolly still do only I'm not sure which lawn they use anymore now that a research park has been constructed on the one they used to flounce around on.

Anyway, Macbeth in the tidied-up ruins in the dark was reasonably cool, except for the three witches (more like "bitches") who were all about 22 and tiny and whiny and more like annoying little thrift-store jam-band tarts than "weird sisters." I especially didn't like that one of the "witches" made me leave a window I'd been standing in for 10 minutes so as to get a good view, so she could deliver two lines from it, and then when she left two extremely rude people pushed ahead of me to grab the window from me, but since we had to move to a new room with every scene, I only "missed" a few minutes of the play due to lack of viewage. The king and his men all dressed like old-time mafiosi, and the actor playing Banquo was chubby and very cute. What was not so cool was getting down the very steep hill in the dark afterwards. They had some floodlights and a "path" but the "path" was mulch. very steep and rather slidey and of course I ended up slipping and running too fast down the hill trying to stay upright and finally falling on my face. I am pretty sure a couple people take a header every performance cuz the path is just that bad >_< Fortunately nothing was sprained but my dignity so I decided not to sue them...THIS time. Muahahaha.

P.S. On an unrelated note, B'more still has squeegee kids. Or has them again. How...retro.
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