no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

I Love My Career.

Bye-bye Heller Ehrman. Laid off 100 on Friday and all its office equipment and cafeteria are gone. Clifford Chance laid off 20 associates, Katten laid off 21 attorneys, Sonnenschein laid off 24. Thelen is begging other firms to PLEASE adopt some of its practice groups, or at least take over some orifice space.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am still so busy I barely have time to take a shower every day. But having been laid off in a past life, not that anyone here would care about that, I do hope that now that this stuff is routine, lawyers can quit acting so fricking ashamed when it happens. Because it could totally like, happen again to any of us, any ol' time.

Elsewhere, a transient has been convicted of strangling an 85-year-old ex-president of the California Bar during a sexual encounter. Just say no to Viagra, kids.
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