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The 80's Is Coming To GET YOU.

First we had the former Johnny Rotten pimping British butter. Next, I go to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up a bunch of pictures I had discount-framed (including knavishas "Bunny Song" print, woo it looks real nice) and on my way to the frame counter, I have to step over two little ten-year-old girls who are playing with something on the floor. As I pass by, I realize that what they have found is a floor-level display of plush cartoony spider candy bowls for Halloween, and each spider has a lid that lifts off for the candy and a sound chip inside the felt that you can press to make it play a song, and that song is...

"I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow. And there are four or five of these spider thingers, and the little girls are giggling as they set all the chips off one after the other, so Annabella's voice is wafting out of each of them in a slightly delayed sequence.

Somewhere, Malcolm McLaren smiled. Or, perhaps, scowled if he didn't get paid his cut of the royalties.
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