no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

In Which Old Age, or Something, Catches Up to Me.

This weekend Shudder to Think, Wire, and Wedding Present all played in town and I didn't get around to reading the newspaper/ the show boardz and I missed all of 'em. I would be moar bothered by this if:

(a) Shudder to Think hadn't played an "early show" starting at 6 pm on a Friday when I and a lot of other ppl who don't work gub'mint hours were still @work. True dat dey prolly didn't go ON at the crack of 6 as they had an opener, but even if they'd gone on at 7:30 or 8 pm, I was still working. We worked right straight thru till 10 pm which isn't unusual here. Plus if you're gonna have an early show, make it on a weeknight not a Friday?! It's not like most people have to haul ass early on Saturday morning! Just more weirditude from the 9:30, which I find myself liking less and less. Anyway given how late we worked, I would have missed it even if I had known about it, which I didn't, so it all prolly worked out for the best so I wasn't uptight about missing it while we were working. Considering that Shudder to Think are from this area and their only other local appearance has been "V-Fest" i.e. "Virginfest" (ew), I hope they are planning to play a few more local dates at like, normal times for shows. I could swear I saw them back in The Day opening for someone at the Old 9:30 but don't ask me who.

(b) Wire weren't 50 something and weren't the sort of band who couldn't be arsed to play Cleveland back in the day when I actually might have cared about going to see um. As I just said to Steve-0, I'm not happy Ian Curtis is ded but it's one less geezer-who's-not-so-hott-anymoar trying to scrape a few more dollars naow...

(c) The Wedding Present weren't some 90's Brit band who played love songs and has a girl singer. I mean, we already had the Cocteaus and the Style Council so what did we need the Weddoes for? Undoubtedly for skinny little art school college radio DJ's to make moony mixtapes of, back when ppl still made mixtapes. Meh. Me not so big on that mush, never was...anyway I'll see them next year if they tour summore then and really I can't see why they wouldn't, new album out, and Steve Albini, and all.

My head is just about ready to hit the kbd and pass out even though it's still relatively "early" and I would feel all old, and stuff, except that I realized that when I was young I never went to this many shows, at least not when I lived in Cle because about half the bands just skipped that whole city with a corresponding reduction in number o' shows booked. I know I spent a lot of nights just sitting in watching EmptyVee at Dead Guy's house with him frying up omelets or sammiches or some other yummeh thing that I would feel guilty abt eating. And then when I was in my late 20s and 30s there were years when I didn't see Any Bands At All.

Imagine that...naw I don't want to think abt it.

Anyway - Tony's been written to, Steve-0's new e-addy has been procured, and here I am cleaning out my sewing box that has desperately needed that done for at least two years, so I can actually mend some of the clothes that have been sitting around waiting for Godot to appear with a needle and thread. Getting things back to normal. Bringing it all Back Home.
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