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Add It Up.

(Hey, Bob and the Violent Femmes both did a song called that...I thought it was the Pretenders...ah well, tired space brain here...)

Tally for the last week and a half:
3 airplane flights (Bos-BWI, BWI-Cle, Cle-BWI)
5 Amtrak rides (Wash-NYC twice, NYC-Wash twice and Wash-Philly once)
2 trips in tha van (NYC-Md and Phila-Bos)
7 to 9 states visited (MD, Del, PA, NY, Connecticut, Mass, OH, and honorary mention to DC and the Great State of Confusion. But note, no creepy Virginia!)
2 hotels (Latham Philly and Parker House Boston - the home of the Parker House roll!)
7 rock shows (BTS/ Dino/ Meat Puppets twice, Boston Spaceships three times, and Chrome and Green Jelly once each)
10 beers drank approximately (Wolaver Oatmeal Stout, Sly Fox Oktobe(e)rfest, Lancaster Strawberry Wheat, Kenziger, Blue Moon, UFO Hefeweizen, Harpoon Ale, a few random Miller Lites and a Tsao Tseng (sp?) at the Vietnamese noodle joint)
Plus three days of sculpting, molding and casting at approx 10 hours each.
And only one short episode of borderline drahmah that seems, for the better or worse, to have passed without further hooha.

Yeh I'd say my "vacation" has been a howling success. I even got 8 or so hours of sleep last night so I feel slightly less like I need a rubber room to recover in. In any event, it sure beats sitting up till 3 am closing the same barfull of the same faces every dern nite like so many people I vaguely know from somewhere seem to do.

* * *

I like to be this kind of busy. It takes my mind off shit. I'm just sorry I didn't have the resources to live this way when I was young. I am very lucky and fortunate to get a second chance now.

Grow old is a change
A change is to be new
To be new is to be young again
I barely remember when...

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, back to work before the entire country collapses into Soylent Green chaos, we all lose our jobby jobs, and Communist giants pop out of the ground and eat our heads. Oh wait that was the 50s. Sorry!
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