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CHROME, or Hellooooo 1980!

If anyone had told me when I was 17 and twisting my dial to 91.1 every Saturday nite at 8 pm to try an' hear "Danger Zone" that I would finally get to see Helios Creed/ CHROME 28 YEARS LATER I'd of told them "28 YEARS?! I'll be DEAD by then!" I knew there was a reason I lived past age 40 :) even if I did forget to bring my iron pills up here and consequently fell asleep on a banquette during the opener (padded seats at this joint, woo) and on my barstool (also padded!) for three short intervals during the headlining set, which was otherwise grrrreat. It's that incessant beat I love, the heavy duty one that makes New Order sound like a wimpy little plastic tea chest clipping down endless stairs.

Afterwards I got all fangirly on the band dude selling merch and told him how they were the first underground band I ever loved and how I had the NME ad for "Firebomb" (I was crackers about the cool-ass adverts in NME in those days, when I could find a copy to gank from the radio station, cuz I had no idea where to actually go buy it in my city then) photocopied, professionally framed and hung on my wall. Where it still is, along with the original newspaper photo advert for the Cure's "Jumping Someone Else's Train" UK 7 inch, which I also ripped out of NME and framed back in 1986 when I was setting up my own housekeeping. I am old. I am bad ass.
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