no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Wrap It Up and Start Again.

When I was in college, Boston seemed like the promised land for music and I knocked myself out trying to get a job here on Rt. 128, which didn't materialize when I wanted it to. By the time they called me up a year later to hire me (like I was going to sit around and wait that long for a call? puh-leeze) I'd lost interest in both the job and in Boston, and actually liked living in the Land o' Marys better - still do. I ended up going to Boston only about four or five times in my life, three of which have been in the last couple years, and each time I come up here it feels like I went to the end of the earth because it feels that far removed from everyplace else I normally go.

The show last night was cool and I got to talk to a couple people I haven't seen in far too long, but it sort of paled in comparison to the last show I saw up here, not to mention the wackness of Phila and DC. Last time here was same club and Solly and Harry and Masshole and Melanie and Dancingman with a bunch of Dancing Girls, it was wild. Melanie's moved, Dancingman broke up with the main Dancing Girl and is working space crew, and the other three guys didn't make it out for various reasons, so things were relatively subdued this go-round. The biggest thing that happened was some jerkwad throwing a beer can at Bob and Jason screaming at him from the stage as the bouncer threw him out; Jason is one of those people who rarely gets mad so when something sets him off, you know it's a big deal. Peter's gf Jessica arrived and she is a sweetie and fun, and I got to see Rusty again. Rusty, in the time I've not seen him, has morphed from a college sto0dent-radio-label-intern-street team Type to a reasonable facsimile of a suayve and debonair music biz Type. It's been wot, two years? woah. Last time was front row at the 9:30 where I got ejected after I started to pass out from lack of proper dinner food, having only had tea with Lesley and popcorn at the "Bubble" premier. That was also the same day I met Lesley, with mucho trepidation because I couldn't understand why she would want to meet me - I didn't have a great track record of people being that interested in hanging out w/me before, yanno? I guess those days are gone, kinda sorta, and good riddance to 'em.

It was very hot in the club last night and even though I was totally underdressed in a too-flimsy top I was sweating bullets and having to drink an ice water between each beer. The result being that it took me about five-six beers consumed throughout the evening to get me to the happy point generally associated with more like two or three, with the predictable morning-after result that I am not hungover but the beer is messing with my head. Yesterday morning I woke up with a huge anxiety attack over work, which I am sure was beer-related (have had it before and it dissipates within an hour). Today I'm not anxious, partly because I have a "day off" here today to rest and catch up on work a bit, but I am a little depressed, which I am also sure is beer-related (it's dissipating now). My friends went back to noo yawk today and the show there is tonite but I'm just as glad I'm not in for that one. Aside from me being tired out, there will be Huge Vast Numbers of Ppl I Know in NYC and I will be sorry to miss many of them, but there will also likely be a few ppl there I don't need and don't Want to see, and even though such ppl can be ignored when there's lots of cool ppl around yadayadayada, I'd rather not risk the Killing of the Buzz.

There are Other ppl I am missing very much and one in particular but I don't want to get hurt any moar and Kay Seurat, Seurat. Whatever, Wilby, Wilby.

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