no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

My 5-Cent Review of the Built to Spill "Perfect From Now On" Shows in New York.

1) The Meat Puppets play better than I remembered.

2) The curly-haired skinny guy in the Meat Puppets is better-looking than I remembered.

3) Yes, it's possible (2) contributed to (1). Shoot me.

4) Dinosaur Jr. is still awesome and hearing them takes me right back to being spun in three dimensions during their set at Lolla whatever-number-they-played.

5) J now looks like a stoner's ghost, but plays as angelic as ever.

6) People like J and Bobby Pop make me less afraid, perhaps even UNafraid, of growing old.

7) Lou Barlow limited his stage patter, BOTH nights, to a couple lines of "Hey how ya doin? Thanks for coming out!" in marked contrast to a previous time I saw them and he wouldn't shaddap. Thanks for that, Lou. Keep up the good work and one day I might actually listen to Sebadoh.

8) Although Built to Spill are not really my thang, musicwise (translate: people sit through whole entire long records of this? really?), they do have some purty toons.

9) Doug Martsch looks kinda like __satori with a bendy note guitar.

10) I pretty much hate extended jams no matter who's doing them.

11) However, BtS's light show was aces and boosted my enjoyment level by approximately 30 percent.

12) BtS sure has some nerdly fans. I can see pogoing up and down to some fast song with a beat, but during some mellow song about "Movie Dreams" or such, having a guy in a baseball hat jump up and down for the whole song, or dance spastically while screaming "Woo!", is a tad offputting. Especially when they're screaming in your ear or pogoing in your vision line. Le sigh.

13) Best part of both nights was dancing to "Little Fury Things" and "The Wagon" on Thursday. I'm the original Little Fury Thing-Rabbit, and "The Wagon" is one of those songs that probably saved my life more than a few times.

There you are and here I stand,
Tryin' to make you feel my hand.
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