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Oh, sorry, did you say something?

Some days, it is very difficult not to hate, or at least strongly dislike, or wish to vanish, all of the hysterical people in the world.

If things are really as bad as they think, then how does being upset about it help? But do they go out and DO SOMETHING about it? Usually, no.

What about those of us who feel anxious and nervewracked all the time, because we're that way naturally and we'll probably never get over stuff that happened so long ago we can't even remember what it was, just the feeling of a stomach constricting into a tiny knot, and we keep it hid so we can go about our business and Get Something Done? Quiet Desperation YadayAdayada? Not that I really want to talk about that...

What about those of us who already lived through horrible economies, who had parents who lived through horribler economies, and who managed to lose perfectly good jobs in the middle of grrrrreat economies cuz we were just stupid or unlucky like that and had no one to blame but ourselves, if we were into self-blame, which really does not help any more than blaming politicians?

Anyway, I think I'll add the subject of politics and the economy to the list of Stuff I Don't Talk About With Ppl. Now, I'm going to put on my headphones and play "Tweeter and the Monkey Man" on continuous repeat until this election is over.
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