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More Stuff I Don't Get...

OK, could someone please explain what is so great about making your own bento lunch, as an adult?

I can see enjoying a cute bento lunch at a restaurant that specializes in them - it's like an occasion, and nifty food presentation is part of the restaurant experience.

I can also see making a cute bento lunch for your child or some other loved one of yours so that when they open their lunch box they get a pretty surprise and see how much you care about them due to the time and creativity you put into making their lunch. I myself used to get really excited as a little girl when my mom cut the hotdogs into a smiley face or used a cookie cutter to make pretty silhouettes on my open-faced baloney and cheese.

However, if you're a grownup and you have to take your lunch with you to work or something, where is the great glee in making a cutie face or a pretty flower out of something that you're just going to pop the box open and eat? You don't get any big surprise because you already made all the food items and you know how it all looks, that is if it didn't get rattled around and smushed or messed in the container. Plus, you're just going to eat it, then it will be gone. If you wanted to put time into making art work, why not make something that's either going to last a little longer than your lunch, or else is going to be enjoyed by others besides you?

So, I ask again, Where is the fun in making a cute bento lunch in a box for yourself?

Maybe I just don't get it because, as a hungry adult, I really couldn't care less if my hotdog is smiling at me. In fact, I'd probably rather it didn't, because I don't want to be feeling bad about destroying it by eating it.

Or is this, as I suspect, all about taking pictures of your Cute Bento Lunch That You Made and sharing them on some community where everybody pops on to admire and oo and ahh and say "Oh wow, you make the greatest looking Bento Lunches evar!"

Yeah. I thought so.
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