no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Girls With the Most Cake: A Brief and Seerious Thought.

You know how I always get creeped out by people esp wimmen who I perceive as bragging or showing off abt their "accomplishments". I'm the type who if I did something particularly well would usually downplay it all the more because to me, part of being good at what you do is being cool and no-big-deal abt it - let other ppl applaud if they're going to without seeming to ask or go fishin' for kudos - and plus, why make a big deal today when even if it Is That Great, you'll prolly just bung something else up tomorrow? So when other people are all like LOOKIT ME LOOKIT WHUT I DID I get turned off. I know I've said before that some of them prolly have such wee senses of self or self-confidence that they NEED to emphasize that they were actually able to bake a cake or get a dollar-an-hour raise or whatevs. Now I'm thinking that in addition to that, some of them are prolly just on the level of children, emotionally, and pop off with whatever they're feeling good or bad. Oh, that boy likes me! I'm so cool! Oh, he doesn't like me, sob sob.

There is a community called dear_you on here and it never fails to weird me out because most of what's posted there seems to be very young female people posting those unsent letters to Some Guy Who Acts or Acted Like He Cared. Don't we all have boxes and boxes of such letters never sent, either in a physical box somewhere, or in our heads? The idea of making it public in a place where the recipient will prolly never read...I dunno about that. If it doesn't develop into Something More then it's not going to mean anything in a couple years anyway. I think of those guys I thought I was in lurve with in high school, even some of the ones in college, and I thought it was such a Much, and the only much of a muchness abt it was the effect they had on My life from Me wasting my emotional energies thinking abt them. I would rather every investment I make of my time and my thoughts, as well as $ of course, pay off. But the economy is perpetually bad where I come from.

tl;dr I can't stand emotionally open people. If they're not secretly Up To Something then usually they just come off as childlike, childish or sto0pid.
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