no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Sunday Funnies (Early Edition).

Once again proving that Great Minds run in the Same Gutter, the fabulous folks at Now That's (cl)Ass decided to gin up a show poster based on the cover of "Penthouse and Pavement" that I only recently had got around to making a usericon of. Shoot, this is one of my favorite album covers evar, yet I never noticed that telephone was pink till now. Mah homies such as derekfz will recall that this is the joint located next to the gaybar back home, said corner having had an unfortunate rash of ppl being mugged in their cars outside or in one case dumped dead on the proximious sidewalk.

Now this one reminds me of the catered meeting lunches at work, which tend to have green sauce covering vaguely proteinous wads that might or might not be eggs and ham. After inspecting this slop, one can only hope that somebody on the floor had clients in, sprang for real Cosi sammitches, and will ditch the extras in the lunchroom for general consumption later.

And finally, those groovy guys in Cobra Verde have a new wreckord coming out. I took one look at their cover art (on the left) and decided it was missing a crucial element, which I helpfully added (on the right).

Till next time kiddies. Schtay suweet.
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