no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Sweet Cheese and Shitballs!

First thing: The Silver Joos rocked last night. Not so much just musically, but in how relaxed David Berman was compared to the last tour. I got told by someone at the bar that he was outside afterwards shaking people's hands and signing autographs - do0d showed me his signed stub as proof - I din't go rushing out there cuz I'd just ordered another beer and also had just shook Berman's hand at the end of the set cuz I was right up by the stage. If anything good ever came out of the overhype of Pavement, a band whose songs I liked but whose image/persona/yadayadayada drove me up a wall faster than my boots could stomp Cosloy's head (looooong story, if you need to know you probably already do, and if you stand up for him you're prolly an a.sswipe yourself, like the last person who pulled that shit on me)...but like I said if anything good ever came out of that besides me drinking boilermakers to "Newark Wilder" in my 1L dorm and gettin' all mushii, it's David and Cassie and the Joos.

Fuck Malkmus.

Second thing: I appreciate that a lot of people get all wrapped up in the elections, but if your whole blog is wholly or almost entirely about that subject, be prepared to get dropped by me unless (a) you're my best friend or (b) your name is Josh and you're always on abt stuff like that. (Actually I think Josh even said he didn't feel like discussing it anymore.) Aside from a couple comments abt Palin I've made ventingly, I plan to vote but I'm not interested in discussing the election online, and there are people who have literally posted about it DAILY for months on end now, which is not my bag, mang.

Fuck the elections.

Third thing: I really hate feeling like I'm being emotionally jerked around by artists. Thankfully this is rare and the vast majority of artists I deal with have been awesome, nice, accommodating, good business people, particularly if they're in an area like selling art dolls or bears and thus know how to handle a customer so that customer might want to buy again someday even if they don't want to buy right now. I won't go into all wot happened as it wasn't morally bad, just kind of a gray area of questionable bizness, but when someone tells me I can have till the weekend to decide abt something, "no pressure", then e-mails me back WITHIN THE HOUR where I am AT WORK where I have been all week working 9 to 12 hour days to make the money I spend on their stuff, and the price on the item already went up 70 dollars because I didn't return an e-mail within 8 hours because I was AT WORK (seriously, have these people ever worked an actual job? one with responsibilities and hours and shite, that can be, uhhh, Distracting to say the least?) and now they are after me to decide whether I want to buy right now because some lady in another country wants it too and she wants it RIGHT NOW and will undoubtedly pay even MOAR for it...well, I'm not interested in buying anything under those circumstances. Especially when it's all wrapped up in an emotional package designed to alleviate stress - obviously that fails when you're being pressured to make a decision abt it that quick.

Fuck that too. Yeah I'm mad. I have an inkling of wot I might do abt it too. As lesley WWBD says, Everything happens for a reason.

Overall Thing: My barfday is coming up, and even though I'm going to be bizzy as shytt, I don't want this b-day to come again without me taking some steps to fix some of the stuff that I feel needs fixing in my life. I've accomplished stuff in the past. In the past year, I "graduated" art skewel (hahahahha, but yeah, I did finish the certificate program), I'm doing better @werk, and I drew a line with somebody in a way I'd been needing to draw one for a long time. And I've learned to eat regularly and love vegetables, which is almost on par with Learning to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, for me.

Now I gotta get to the next stepping stone. Augh, give me strength. I feel like ganking evilshell's icon of that statue with the hand over its face. Cuz that's what I feel like most days. Now I understand why when I was a newer associate or even an engineer I'd go in to meet with managers and they'd be looking all dyspeptic and sighing and holding their foreheads. I HAVE BECOME MY BOSSES.

And then there was the poor Chinese or Korean taxi driver who ended up paying me to take his cab to the train station tonight. I didn't want to pay for the cab but didn't want to miss the train and have to wait hours for tne next one either, so I said ah fuggit, got a cab, paid the man 20 bux, asked for 8 dollars back, got back what I thought was a five and three ones (dude was talking to the dispatcher while he counted my change), went to the convenience store inside the station, and only after browsing for 15 minutes and thinking "shoot I don't have money for two bags of candy" looked at what was in my hand. The poor guy gave a five, two ones and my twenty back. I would have run after him with the money but he got a fare back to Georgetown as I was getting out, so he was long gone, and likely didn't even realize what he did. If I ever happen to end up in his cab again, which could happen, I'm giving him some extra money to make up for it.
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