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There ish a dishturbance in the farce, Luke. (the sequel.)

Usually I like my job and don't mind the hours, etc. but this past week I've had some flushtration with it. I'm also sick of hot weather. Last night at 1 am I had it with both and went downstairs to take a cold shower and passed the porch spider, who was also working. He was busy making up a whole new web at 1 in the morning. It looked like a lot of work. He had what looked like a wrapped bug at the center of the web so I wasn't sure if he normally spins a fresh one at 1 am, or if he got a slow start, or if some big flying thing came along and wrecked it and the spider was all like ahhhh curses now i gotta spin it all over again. He was being very precise and putting the threads close together and it was a really huge web. I notice some nights he just spins a little web, and I wonder if that's cuz the spider is moar tired or didn't get enough to eat the day before so didn't have enough silk, or if bigger webs are for different weather (like when it's cold you need a bigger one cuz there's fewer bugs).

Other than that I've been watching the vid to "Heartspark Dollarsign" over and over, not only because I love that song but also because I'm fascinated by how utterly huge and pinned Art Alexackaxaxaxxess's eyes are in it. Uhhhhh shoot up much, do0d? The worst part is I know he's all settled down and kleen and happy and a nice daddy now, but his show I saw a year or so back - the one where he had his pre-teen daughter and her little friends jamming with him onstage - well, it kinda suX0red. I feel bad that I prefer the crazy looking drug-and-earring dude jumping angrily around in a trailer park but I guess I'm still angry inside enuf to relate more to that. And I don't think I will ever fit in with the parental set. Parenting is cool and everything, but the truth is we can't have any kids (unless I wanted to go all batshit and start shooting us all up with hormones and trying to hatch them in a bowl) and even if we could I have too many mixed feelings about it, and there's no good way to discuss this with people, and it prolly doesn't need to be discussed anyhow. It's kinda like how everybody else seems to get so excited about marriage or makes it a big life goal to find The One To Marry, and I'm kinda like eh can we just skip all that, go bounce a ball in the yard or sumthin'...yeah that.

We will never find a place where we can just fit in

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