no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

ThiS DoeS RocK ToO.

The last couple days I find myself watching this vid over and over and asking myself why I dig it so much, aside from the fact that (1) it's Kindly (Not-so-very-)Old Uncle Bob and (2) the song has some of the most awesome and relatable lyrics ever written. Here is what I've come up with:

1) It's in black and white film which I love
2) It's clearly shot in Ohio which I also love
3) Everybody in it is managing to look simultaneously very happy (especially about playing music) and deeply Unhappy at the same time, which is pretty much how I feel a lot of the time too
4) All the dancing, jumping around and kicking is truly a thing of beauty
5) Younger Bob in the vid actually does look a lot like That Sculpt
6) The crowd scenes actually look like the band's shows got to look a short while later, or at least those drunken passy-outy routs at the Beachland
7) In short, I just like it, period

Oh, not to throw cold negative beer over a nice posi post, but I'd also really, really like it if every guy recording some kind of poptune out of his basement didn't compare hisself to Guided By Voices. It's been done to death, please stop. I don't care how big of a "fan" you think you are (and if you haven't been hanging out with me the last two years anyplace then odds are I prolly think you're Not).
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