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You Too Can Be A YOUNGSTOWN!!!!

Stacy Williams owns a three-bedroom house with a full basement and central air-conditioning in a quiet neighborhood on the upper west side of Youngstown, Ohio.

Williams, now 33, was earning $8.05 an hour as a manager at McDonald's when she moved into the house with her husband, a laborer at a construction equipment manufacturer, and son back in 2004. The couple's combined annual salary was $33,000. But the purchase didn't require much of a financial stretch: The house cost $48,000. "If you have the credit score to do it, there's nothing that can stop you from buying a home in Youngstown," said Williams, whose plans for the house include a second bathroom.

*dies laughing*

Ah, the American Dream! I knew there was some reason I was bothering to keep my credit score up. (Actually to be honest I don't look at my credit score because I don't want any more credit and I don't give a rats' urethra, but I happened to peep it the other day due to Amex handing out free looksees and it was a gas. I guess that's wot happens when you actually Bother to pay your bills, and stuff.) Hats off to that lady for buying something that's actually in her price range, but as someone who grew up killing myself NOT to be stuck in a place like Youngstown, "I don't see no dharma," as Cassady's gf sed.

Plus, the idea of actually needing good credit to buy in a place like that when most people buying houses traditionally have utterly shite credit and are buying partly in hopes of improving their scores makes me chortle a bit, sort of like that thirtysomething episode where uberneurotic Ellen (the character I hated the most out of them all, and that's really sayin' something as I only liked the ex-CIA boss and could marginally put up with the artsy chick in the numbers coat - I hated everybody else on that show and blamed people like them for ruining America for a few years, not kidding) fretted abt getting a house mortgage on her own because she had one bad mark on her credit report from buying a pair of shoes and returning them late and the store not taking them off the bill or something idiotic like that, and she was sitting there explaining all this to a bank manager and sweating bullets. I can't imagine having a discussion like that with a bank manager. I don't have time. They don't have time. Just give me the loan or don't, dawg. If you don't somebody else prolly will. Or I'll get by without it.

Considerably more interesting is this article about indie publishers stepping in to fill the gangsta lit gap. I want to read "Larceny" and "A Hustler's Son" now.
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