no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

I'm Savin' All My Bitch 4 Yooooou.

The viewing audience will be Glad to know I don't have it in me to complain abt anybody tonite cuz I used up all my bitchery today on opposing counsel. They started it. Srsly I don't know why attorneys bother writing cutesy snarky letters. One might say it is so I, or someone else, will have to waste good billable time answering them, but the same would be true of an intelligent grumpy letter or an in-yo-face-with-all-due-respect direct "you're a jerk" letter. When I see some lawyer, esp a younger/newer one, attempting to make with thee subtle insinuations I wonder why they bother. Most of 'em aren't very good at it - they think they're being all subtle and crafty and lawyerly and it comes off more like a poop on top of a bowl of salad trying to look like guacamole. I know this because (1) I spend half my nonexistent spare time on the 'net, and if there were ever inheritors of the Dorothy Parker Awesome Snark-mantle, they're found on here, prolly lurking about on LOLcats fora or some fandom wank board, and (2) before they invented the I-net, I was a rockwrita and highly amused by the fine art of skewering some act so masterfully that it wasn't obvious and you could easily argue Klink-stylee you meant nothing, Nothing. That was fun for about a year but after that I grew bored wit' it cuz it was too dern Easy and not that Amuzing and to this day I read very little rockwrite cuz whole sections of Bitchdork come off just like that, just like I used to be, and I associate that with juvenile cynicism and college hyoomor that I left behind like various uncomfortable pairs of cheap shoes and poofy haircuts. I guess wot I'm getting at is, I like when t'other lawyer actually impresses me or does something intelligent and I see so little of that I would wonder how they stayed in bizness except I've also seen the courts and the music bizness and then we have Nashunal Polly-ticks and...need I go on?

Despite all that plus the fact that I pulled two near-all-nighters this week (sometimes it's good for partners to see you scampering to the printer at 4 am, ya dig?) I'm not in a bad mood, not at all. It's raining out which always helps, and 88.1 had a big band show on, with Sinatra singing. I can't believe that man ever had career slumps, he's a classic, and I'm so thrilled I got to see him perform before he died even if we were a bazillion miles away on the Merriweather lawn and he missed one high note on sumthin' - can't remember what it was - but I remember how fast the limos whisked him out of there at the end. He was gone before we were done applauding the last song, it was very impressive. I like big band music in general and always remember my dad playing tons of it while I was growing up, and the winter Dead Guy drove me through the barrens of Downtown with the snow falling and the AM 1940s station on, playing "And he wears a pair of sil-ver wings." I was so in love with him and the city and Days Gone By and it was all Dreadfully hopeless and rather painful, and I'm glad that's over and I can listen to Sinatra in the rain now and just feel happy about it, but if I had to pick Moments to relive, I'd prolly at least think abt putting That one down on thee list. And with that, I shall leave youse, as I have wandered farther afield than planned here and I have to get some sleep naow and Think abt life shite (I do my best thinking asleep) and then get up real early and snipe some Japanese auctions and refinish the furniture.
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