no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

I'm Glad like a Garbage Bag.

Glad that Hurricane Gustav lost its breath right about the time it hit U.S. land. Glad that Palin kicked the stupid "It's her teen daughter's baby not her own" soap-opera bullshit right in the nuts by revealing teen daughter's having a totally Different baby - between that and the crazy state trooper bro-in-law who tazed her nephew, plus the mom-in-law who supposedly told some UK paper she was voting for Obama, I'm thinking the Palin family is Dallas meets Northern Exposure and has the most policktical entertainment potential since the days of Billy Beer and Miz Lillian. Glad that my bad ear seems to be clearing up without antibiotics because I don't like to take those things unless it is something like a UTI that won't get well without. Glad that a rare head I ordered is finally on its way. Glad that I "saved" 60 per cent at the frame sto' today and got Andy's bunny picture, inter alia, down there to be preserved for posteriority. Baby steps.

I am not glad that I have to go to work tomorrow but we'll deal with it.
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