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This just in from the People with Actual Real Problems department...

Thanks to the Internet, I get a lot more het up over disaster reports in distant parts of the country, because I'm likely to have a friend wherever some shite is going on. There was danigolden with the So Cal fires and __satori with the Minnesota floods and faerie with Hurricane Katrina. And now, another hurricane. My thoughts are with faerie and her little family and the rest of the Gulf Coast area peeps who have had to evacuate today. That is a part of the country I've still not seen and if it keeps getting flooded and blown away I dunno when I will. I don't know how people who keep having to deal with traumatic or near-miss weather situations keep from developing PTSD really bad. I do know that if I lived either in a fire zone like Danielle or in a hurricane zone like Erin, I think by now I'd have ditched whatever possessions I didn't lose and be living out of a paper sack, as my nerves would suffer too much otherwise. (Which is precisely a huge part of the reason why I don't live in those places, or in wunnerful San Francisco with its earthquakes.)

The one bright spot (if there is one) is that Ted told me the Repubicans were thinking of shortening their convention in view of the hurricane and Dubya told McCain he wouldn't be showing up cuz he had to go down south and poke FEMA or something. Good excuse, sez I - if I were McCain and had just pulled even in the polls I sure wouldn't want that doofus barging onto my stage. I really think if they're gonna have these conventions, they need to make everybody who shows up - and I mean everybody, the conventioneers, the pols, the journalists, EVERY FACKIN' BODY - throw a buck or ten admission in a hat and then give it all to hurricane relief or a soup kitchen or I don't care what, but make the whole stupid show worthwhile because since the candidates are already chosen, convention is basically several days of Organized Showing Off no matter who does it. So any use of it for the public good (and any shortening of it same deal) is something I wholeheartedly endorse regardless of party.
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