no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Go stuff your Xbox, I'll take a book.

Wowee zowee, I can't believe that last week at this time I was drinking three-dollar Great Lakes beers at Mahalls. Now I'm back in thee Land o' the Ten-Dollar Daiquiri (and thee office couch). Good thing I don't drink much.

Hey guess wot? My reading light came back on. Srsly, suddenly I can concentrate and Read agayne like I used to. And not a moment too soon as I think I *just* might have time to finish all the books in the howse before I die. I wonder how much this has to do with the absence of a certain psychick noise source, but that may not be the case as I do remember digesting an entire history of Aerosmith while "on tour" (the same one I was reading while sitting on the curb outside the evacuated train station on 9/11 wishing for them to open back up because we were all just a bunch of sitting ducks for a bomber gathering on the traffic circle with the Capitol Dome hovering a few blocks directly behind, but I figured I couldn't do anything abt it so may as well read).

Anyway yeh there is a lot of stuff I wanna read too. For example, the Time-Life "Vietnam Experience" series that my high school got in just abt the time I was getting ready to graduate and of course I had no time to go to the library and paw through 25 volumes esp since I don't think you could check them out. I was always annoyed at never being taught abt Vietnam and anytime I asked my parents mom would just start yelling at me. It was never talked abt by ANYONE (teachers, commentators, etc.) until abt 1981, 2, 3. Do you know how annoying it is to know that something Happened cuz you remember seeing a good bit of it on the tV but you don't have the full picture and no one wants to talk abt it? Let's not have that happen again pleeze. There's nothing, well ok very little, out there that's so awful it can't be discussed at least once in a while. Or at least read up on.

I really wish I were home, but at this particular moment I also really wish I were in Las Vegas because 11 pm is the same as 11 am there or at least on the Strip and I like that in a town. Then again maybe I don't cuz annoying neighbors would be up all night too and one of the big pluses to being Up is that other ppl Aren't. And now, I think I'll eat my second Snickers bar of the day.
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