no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Pet Spider.

Tonight on the way home Ted informed me that the spider was still spinning a web on our side porch every night, and sure enough it was there when we arrived. It caught a big green hopper-type bug just as we reached the porch. "Got one!" Ted exclaimed, so I stopped to look and immediately felt bad, because instead of the victim being a mosquito or some other bug I'd be glad to see get it, the green skinny hopper was pretty, and waving its antennae frantically as it wrassled with the spider. I thought for a minute of trying to help it escape, but then I thought it wouldn't be right to take the spider's dinner away after it had worked so hard spinning the web and all, and the big fly tore a big hole in the web, so the spider should be entitled to something. Maybe Spider gets as excited over a big bug hitting its web as I do when my takeout delivery arrives. And anyway by the time I could have helped the hopper, the spider had already bit and venomed it, the whole thing was over in seconds, and if spider didn't eat it then something else would have or else there would be too many to survive and besides it would just die anyway when the cold weather came in a few weeks. We agreed that Spider had grown a bit bigger over the last couple of weeks, maybe because it gets plenty of food webbing on our porch. I can see its furry body and stripey legs better now, and even its little eyes, or were those its silk ducts - I couldn't tell which end I was watching when it was overpowering the hopper, as spider is only about the size of the current dollar coin, and I need a new eyeglass prescription. I like the spider even though it was hard to watch the hopper die before my eyes. The dozens of times that happens when I'm not looking, I don't mind so much. But still I wish God had arranged it so animals didn't have to eat other animals and our species all just naturally stayed at a fixed number and everything ate plants, or Double Stuf Oreos that dropped effortlessly from the sky.
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