no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Dear Diary.

Times New Viking was fun even though the only good indie band with a woman on kbd is Human Switchboard. Mike Rep, who I arrived just in the nick of time to catch, was excellent and has the voice of a 30-year-old. Raven is a cool bunch of 65-year-olds who play biker psych muzic while looking like they should be playing country at the Truckers' Inn. I told O'Malley, who was there with his mates Dirt, Johnny Kickass, and Chris the drummer (who just took the Ohio bar which sounds worse than Virginia's even - THREE days long!), that old bands playing good music give me hope that I have a futo0r. O'Malley pointed out "Leppo", the codename for some dude who ruined Bob's final bow at the final gBV show in Chi by jumping onstage during "Don't Stop Now." I missed Puffy because I was in the basement talking to Dave P and buying junk. It's taken me several years to venture into that basement due to not wanting to run into another person who works there. I finally decided I was being an ass and just GET OVER IT. Go me. I bought a "Lives of the Saints" t-shirt and Dave P informed me that LDC had got married that very day.
S. and TT dropped by the next day to drop something off. It was nice to see them even though we were all too wiped out from work activities the preceding day to do lunch or anything. I don't think I ever saw TT in glasses before. They got to meet mom also. She thinks none of us look as old as we are.

Dear Emeralds (not the Japanese Emeralds),
You really messed up by showing up late the other night. I guess Leddy let you play anyway but coming between Raven and TNV you totally ruined the flow, and your stuff is um kinda dull, and there is a Japanese band with your name that's about 500 times better, so yeah. Next time you're supposed to open a show please show up in time to OPEN it so that when I have to take an emergency conference call and be late I can miss your set instead of nearly missing Mike Rep's. Mike is from out of town and also 500 times better than you and he had to play to a 2/3 empty joint and it wasn't because everybody walked out on him and went to smoke up the street like wot happened with you.

Dear Cleveland Hopkins Airport,
WTF is up with you closing the chapel I've been stopping in to pray coming and going for the last 7 years? That was one of the few quiet reflective places I had to perform that activity. Fuck you. You better be planning to open it back up because if I see a Starbucks there or something when the wall comes down, I will never buy anything in your stupid joint again.

Dear Players on Madison,
Your food is good but that is the smallest creme brulee I ever saw and also, Joanna was right, service takes 8 million years at your place which wasn't even CLOSE to full. I'm glad I planned for that and allotted 2 1/2 hours for dinner as we needed almost all of it.

Dear "Doll People",
I am so tired of hearing from those of you who cut, have depression, have abusive bfs, have to ask permission of your parents or worse yet HUSBANDS before you buy anything, live in your parents' basements with no social life, have to hide your dolls from your parents/bfs/ classmates etc. You are nuts. Please, for the love of Souji Okita, please disappear.
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