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Sheep Tragedies.

It's pretty surreal to make your first visit in about 30 years to the bowling alley/ bar/ restaurant you visited with your family as a child and find it chockfull of punks with Erba dancing on the counters and throwing folding chairs till the old guys who run the place (probably the same guys who my mom knows and who were running the place when I was there last) ordered him to stop. Frankly, I was impressed that their eardrums could handle it, although the bar sure was making buck despite beer prices being in the 2 and 3 dollar range here, which never ceases to freak me out as I'm used to throwing down 5 or 6 bux a bottle in other cities. I spent most of the night dancing on the bench in front of the bulletin board advertising all the family leagues and dinner speshuls, and ignoring my Workberry which as a result is now full of urgent e-mails and conference call notices.

Saw a lot of awesome ink at the show. One girl had a State of Ohio on her arm (which I'd adore to have somewhere on my body, the more so given that I've discovered half the people on the East Coast don't know how Ohio is shaped and think everybody from there is a white trash idiot) and another one had a fully shaded toaster ejecting well-rendered toast. HOW COOL IS THAT?

The last time I bowled was the day the news reported the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash. I was bowling with my "best friend" (soon to be psycho-ex-best-friend) as part of our joint bday celebration cuz she was born the day before me, in the same year. I think we had the day off school, for some reason, so we hung out and bowled and maybe ate pizza later at Anna's which is now Players where I am going later (or did we goto Anna's another time, I forget). The plane crash story came on the TV in the bowling alley, and we were suitably bummed though I was only a middlin' Skynyrd fan then (I'm much more of one now). I'm trying to remember if we bowled at Mahall's or over by Kamms Corners somewhere. If that was the time we went to Anna's then it was prolly Mahall's.

BTW WTF is up with Stephanie Tubbs-Jones dropping dead like that? Did Obama put the evil eye on her for supporting Hillary? I was shocked and sad to see that in the headlines at the airport. I'm not real into pollyticks, but she seemed so dynamic when she spoke at the Library of Congress CWRU event a few years ago.
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