no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

He's got Everything you Need!

This is a very busy week for me, partly because we had to move office at the drop of a hat last Friday so everything's a mess, the more so because I didn't have it all nicely organized before moving so everything just got tossed in a box in a heap and is having to be cleaned out now. Tonight I was frantically throwing out old pieces of paper from a half-used pad, tearing off all the pages of to-do lists that were old/done, when suddenly I hit a sheet with the address of THE HEED. Which is no big deal, but seeing THE HEED pop up in the middle of pages and pages of discovery chores, notes for responses to motions, doctor appointment reminders, etc. made me grin. Especially since I was, in my new effort to re-acclimate myself to listening to music on a regular basis (this is very hard for me outside of live shows, let's skip the details) I was playing the Takeovers "Turn to Red" on the work laptop at the time.

Three people will get this post...nah, not even.
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