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Krapp's Last Basement Tape.

Hey kids, lookit me! I'm cleaning the basement! The basement hasn't been cleaned since before I went to law school. That was approximately 11 years, 4 job changes, 6 office moves, 2 major incapacitating illnesses, 3 dead mice, and 1,523 mouse po0ps ago. I threw some stuff out, made Ted drive some stuff to the goodwill, laundered some more stuff that is probably going to the goodwill or the trash, and now I need to go and finish wiping down my collection of true crime books some of which got wet by rain coming in the window or something and stuck together and many of which are dusty and moused on cuz I havent read them in many years (it's too much of a busman's holiday now, plus too many of them read like CSI episodes which is boring). I think only one will have to be replaced. I have to buy a couple new shelves so they don't get all wet again. I don't wish to get rid of them at this time, there were too many years that those were all wot kept me sane. No I don't enjoy watching the fictionalized Law and Order and Law and Order SVU and Law and Order CSI and Law and Order LBJ-IRT-USA-LSD versions. I am having an anxiety attack as usually happens on the weekends esp when I am at "home" (this is "home" I guess? you coulda fooled me, not that I mind being here but "home" it ain't and never will be) and even more so when I clean but after all these years you learn to work around it. I am not sure who to blame for my anxiety attacks at this point, whether it's parents, hahribble schools, hahribble employers, hahribble ex-friends and maybe even current "friends", bad diet, genetics, but whatever. Hi, my name is Woses_Weejoice and I'm in weecovery from weel bad nerves. C'mon Everybody shout HI WOSES! back. I wore my new white dress. I cleaned the basement today.
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