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Bang Your Head Against The Wall.

I've had it with hEllJae.
Had it with boring ass posts, Twitter LoudTweets, memes involving long liszts of Movies You've Seen, Books You've Read, Foods You've Ate, Sexual Pozitions You've Tried, WHATEVAH. Had it with misplaced expectations, lack of commonality, and whatever the fock I was expecting of people, and People, Themselves.
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All is not lost, however. I managed to deal with three (3) crises that all broke out on the same swell day AND get everything stored, driven home, carted manually or tossed into boxes for a move to I had been planning to clean up for some time but just didn't feel like getting around to it given that the rug and ceiling were all nastily stained from when the building leaked, plus there were all these food stains on the rug from me eating in there. In the course of packing up the plantation to move again, I also discovered my old office was infested with mice, which didn't bug me too much as I keep wishing I were allowed a Work Hamster under my desk in a cute Habitrail and setting aside bubos, hantavirus and "Willard", mice are really rather the same as Work Hamsters. We occasionally get mice in our house and one day Ted found one hanging out with the hamster I had in the laundry room and they were having a snack together out of ham's chow dish. The hamster died suddenly and mysteriously shortly thereafter. I figure it was either Hamtavirus or the miceia had a protection racket going.

I found the phramed pro photoz of me and Ted and my mom that I had taken when I got engaged, which is about the closest thing to a "family photo" I ever managed. Also the one of d at his 21st bday party with a toy guitar, that I should really replace as I have gotten better pix of d since then, his hair looks like fried greasy black hell in that picture having been dyed about four times in six months and fresh out of the bin, but I don't have the heart to frame a new picto0r. Sorry d but ol' bitch likes to remember when you were a kid sometimes. Anyway I lost my photos when I was out of work last. By "lost" I mean Hung them in a bag on the hat rack in the center of my extremely messy storage area/ living room and forgot where they were for 2 years. I only just found 'em again and kept meaning to put them out in the orfice but it was too messy, so I was gonna clean but now I have a whole new clean orfuss with more space and a better view. I think a Japanese visiting lawyer was in it before and left it quite pristine. Too bad they gave it to me as I'll louse it up in about a half hour, but then I'll be having to move again within a year anyway so they can knock out the walls on this wing. MESS AHOY.
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