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City bus fare to Metro stop: FREE (employer pays for it)

Metro fare to stop near Greyhound station: FREE (employer pays for it)

Lunch: No extra charge (I hotted up a Lean Cuisine bought last Monday)

Greyhound fare DC/NYC: $31 (refundable super saver advance net purchase fare)

Subway fare on arrival: $7 to refill card (of which I only used $2, the rest will be used up next month and the month after that)

Ticket to show: $38.60 (stupid effing Ticketbasturd fees)

Show souvenirs: Hard ticket and show poster - FREE (venue actually hung up extra posters in easy places like the stair railings, for people to "steal", very cool of them)

Refreshments at show: No Fear canned energy drink - FREE

Post-show dinner: Fish and chips and Irish beer at some slightly yuppiefied Irish joint around the corner - $30.45

Overnight accommodations: FREE (helloooo Penn Station Amtrak waiting area - not super comfortable but at least it stays busy all night - plus, unlike DC, the waiting area is walled off from crazed screaming bums and there's a cop about every 25 feet)

Late night entertainment: FREE Low-Budget Disneyland slapstick provided by mouse that lives in the Amtrak waiting area ceiling and periodically popped out of a pillar by my seat to run around and scare large black ladies sitting nearby. Mouse came out so many times that after several hours we were practically on a Willard first-name basis

Pepsi at Amtrak station: $1.79 (wanted a Coke but none of them were cold, grr)

Impulse purchase at Amtrak station: About $10 for a whacky-looking stuffed carrot with an logo embroidered on it that I had no idea what it was because several of them were thrown in a stack of Ty beanie pets at the Hudson News store with no context. Made mental note to checkout when I got home, expecting another beanie pet a good laugh at what it actually is.

Train ride home: $57.60 (lowest AAA discount fare available)

Parking at train station: No extra charge (I have a monthly pass cuz I park there for work)

Getting to see band I stupidly missed the other night when they played here: PRICELESS

Getting to see said band from a comfortable chair with a great sight line in a historic venue, as opposed to jammed like a sardine into a standing-only crowd in a warehouse with worse sight lines and crappier stage setup: PRICELESS

Getting to see the largest Wall of Death I have ever seen in my life from an overhead balcony: PRICELESS (This may have been more awesome than the band's actual set and I was amazed and thrilled that a relatively fancy venue would let them do this indoors - very, VERY cool)

Getting over my fear of the DC Greyhound station after 6 years: PRICELESS

Getting to see Port Authority Bus Terminal for the first time ever and being reminded of one of my favorite Bobsongs evar ("Port Authority"): PRICELESS

Getting to see, against pretty bright blue sky, the amazing view of NYC Skyline with Statue of Liberty from the NJ Turnpike, which I never get to see cuz I'm always arriving on Amtrak: PRICELESS, even if it did remind me of Dead Guy cuz that's who I first saw it with. Jersey City is a pit I know, but the sight of all those cheesy little houses with access to that view never fails to make me smile and want to move there.

Getting the hell out of work for a change on a nice Friday afternoon: PRICELESS

Having to make up the work I missed naow: Not so awesome, but we'll deal with it.
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