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Cakes Just Keep Gettin' Harder to Find.

Before I turn in I thought I'd clue my Happy Readers to another cool feedblawg I discovered recently known as cakewrecks. This is apparently someone's catalog of LOLCAKE decorating attempts. The only problem is that a lot of the cakes don't look like such failz to me. Take for example this cute "The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out" themed birthday concoction. My Inner Goth (you know, the one who's currently hiding behind frog shorts and a cut-off free Heart Walk T-shirt and thinks "Convergence" is either a revival tent meeting or a large ABA gathering) thinks that's kinda neat, though maybe not up to the level of this awesome ded baby cake that someone on a friends friends list made years ago and that is still bookmarked in my HellJae memories. Whatever, it's a fun blog anyway, except that if you are like me it might make you undesirably hungry for cake.

Also, I think that large communal bodies, be they Intarwebz or realz, that sponsor transaction forums, have literally thousands of members including a goodly percentage of looniez, and yet apparently are operating without an attorney on call and no budget to hire one are seriously asking for problems at some point down the line, but hey, wtf do I know? Have some more cake. Nom nom nom. Cake!
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