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When Mac Sez Cheese.

With Ted packed off to Beaverworld this weekend, I'm having a nice staycation and getting to do all the schtuff I normally don't enjoy so much with him barging around in my space. Such as looking at dumbass celebrity coverage on the Us Magazine site, helpfully linked by Yahoo. I wish I could figure out how to get the endless Barack Obama and "50 Ways to Tell if He's Cheating On You" stories off my Yahoo portal page and instead see no news other than weird grisly true crimes, odd stuff like bunnies who save their owners from fires, and cute rockstar piccies such as ex-Beatles in candy-patterned jams.

US! magazine had the flaming nerve to stick this under "Beach Blunders." Uh, how so? I personally think he looks damn good for his age - what the hell is he now, almost 70? especially since he's always gone for the "cute" rather than the "sex symbol" image. Most rock stars would kill to look that good past age 50. And even if he wasn't a single millionaire, I'd still say those candy jams were adorable! Would US magazine rather he be in the ground like George and John? I don't think so.

Of course, then we have this horror, which is apparently Tori Amos, who I did not recognize at all. Nice to see she is finally dressing to match the batshittery that makes up her fanbase. Gah. That makes me want to go look at Gerard Depardieu's great big nude belly some more (Frenchmen skip the jams when they go to the beach).

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